Concert at the medieval center

DSCF5979Concert at the medieval center of Nykøbing F with students. Here we performed hymns and troubadour music. The students got in contact with another kinds of sounds and music and a whole different way to live. Thanks to Guldborgsund gildet to make this possible.

Feldenkrais course

moshe citatThis weekend I was atending to a course in the Feldenkrais method by Nana Graversen in Copenhagen. The course was very inspiring and there are elements that I will use as a pilates instructor. For musicians it is especially good the way this method stimulates the brain.

Concert in Klosterkirken with students

DSCF5954Performing in the beautiful church Klosterkirken in Nykøbing F with students. Actually the idea of the concert was to be able to perform “Cuban landscape with rain” by Leo Brouwer and the piece came out very well. This piece only works with very good acustique. However, there were also pieces by Albeniz, Falla and Maximo Diego Pujol.

Medieval Music

35I am working on a medieval music project for my students. The project consist of a lecture in medieval music and the ancient greek music philosophy. It will concern Platon and Pythagoras, Gregorian, troubadour and Minnesang, Ars Nova and much more.

We will perfom music by Bernard de Ventadour, Richard Lionheart and Rumelant. Mainly troubadour and minnesang. Finally we will perform this at the medieval center dressed in medieval costumes. I think it will be great fun!

This event will take place 16 of may at 16.30

Andalucism in Music – Conference and concert

After living 15 years in Spain Mille specialized in the spanish national music and flamencogy.
These studies will now turn into a serie of combined ”concert – conference” that shows the influence from flamenco and popular elements in the spanish national composers.

The conference is very visual and afterwards the public can connect music with images.
It concerns flamenco history and evolution, the arabic heritage and Al Andalus, gipsy culture, the romantic travellers in the 19 century and the national spanish composers.

The guitar part looks like a flamenco programme with stiles like : fandangos, zapateado, tarantos, malagueña, soleares, garrotín, guajiras ect.
Although, the pieces are classical and composed by the national composers: Manuel de Falla, Joaquin Rodrigo, Isaac Albeniz, Emilio Pujol og Joaquin Turina. This concert will be performed from may 2015.

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Medicina de las artes escénicas

f_cursos (1)December 14th of december 2014 I was participating in a very interesting course in Corpora Pilates in Madrid. As a pilates instructor and professional musician I would like to work with musicians health, muscular and postural problems. Therefore I assisted at this course by Prof. Dr Juan Bosco Calvo who is a pilates instructor, doctor and guitarist himself. I got new information and inspiration for my work and look forward to the next events at Corpora Pilates. Why musicians only start to take their health serious when it is already too late. I think that musicians should learn rather to prevent damage.

Visit at the Joaquin Rodrigo Foundation in Madrid

Joaquín RodrigoIn December 2014 I visited the Joaquin Rodrigo foundation in Madrid and met his daughter Cecilia Rodrigo. I learned things about Rodrigo that one can not read in any book. The information is usefull for my project about “andalucism in music”. On the photo above Rodrigo holds the guitar of Pepe Romero. You might think that Rodrigo loved the guitar but it is actually casual that he got to compose for the guitar. I feel gratefull to  that,  as Rodrigo is one of my absolute favorite composers.

Christmas recording sessions

Recording ChristmasMy brother and I have been recording some new material during Christmas, that will soon be available on the website. I have recorded ‘Rumores de la Caleta’ by Isaac Albeniz and ‘Pour le tombeau de Debussy’ by Manuel de Falla. These pieces will be part of a series of combined conference with concert about Andalucism in music. Check the concert calendar for upcomming events.