Mille´s Compositions

Mille Bureau plays her own compositions for solo classical guitar, inspired by personal stories, cultural events and geographical places in Spain. Mille lived 15 years in Spain, and in her music you can hear elements from the spanish folklore, flamenco and rhythmical music. A music style Mille classifies as “Classical world music”.

During the concert Mille takes you on a journey through cities like Granada, Sevilla, Malaga, Madrid, Castelldefels and Barcelona.

Mille describes through her music the aroma and atmosphere of Spain, and makes references to flamenco styles as Soleares, Soleá por Bulería, Taranatas and Bulerías. The solemn Easter, the festive Sevillanas and the Catalan Rumba is also present.

During the concert Mille explains some of the anecdotes behind the music.

Mille Bureau is a licensed classical solo guitarist from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen and Escola D´ Arts Musicals Luthier in Barcelona.

Suite Granaína

Finished my Suite Granaína in 7 movements. It´s a dedication to the city of Granada and places that have a special meaning to me.

The Suite will be part of a a CD project 2021-2022, where I record my own pieces for guitar.

My Guitar Method

Currently I started to work on a big project. I will create my own guitar method for my students, and hopefully it can be published as a e- book. The first book will be for beginners.

My dream would be to make the whole serie, from beginners to advanced.

My beginners method consists in various things. First of all, to use only “tirando” in order to be able to put bases and melody line together and get a good level of finger picking.

We will experince a large number of music stiles, (classical and rythmical), and I will compose pieces myself. There will be some pieces of my father Dominique Bureau too.

A part from the classical repertory, we will experience stiles as: blues, folk, reggae, country, gipsy jazz, flamenco, pop, rock and much more fun.

From the beginning, the student will write music notes, in order to understand a music partiture, and with time be able to write own pieces.

The method is progessive in a way, that it doesn´t develop to fast. One should get a good level of understanding, before going further into a new thing. The best you can do is, to get the feeling of succes and enjoy playing the music, instead of things being all the times a bit too difficult.

I gave my self a present: the coming season, I will have one weekly day just for this project. Because I know, that without working hours, this project can not be possible.

Therefore, I will work on this beginners book in 2020/2021

Suite Granaína

Recently I started to make compositions for guitar. I would like to play some music in concert, that I made for myself. It is going to be a suite dedicated to the Spanish city: Granada.

Therefore the title is “Suite Granaína”.

The movements reflect different experiences I had in Granada, when I lived there in 1998.

“Elshavira” is inspired by the flamenco jazz club, where I listened to the Family Morente and other artists.

“Boabdil” is inspired by the view from the house where I lived in Albaycin. The view over the hills and foot of Sierra Nevada, where Boabdil gave away the keys of Granada to the cristians.

“Procesion del Cristo de los Gitanos” is inspired by the Eastern Week in Granada, and especially the sacrifice of the Abadía del Sacromonte.

“Improvisación sobre la fuente de la Alhambra” Is inspired by a legend about Manuel de Falla and the father of Angel Barrios on their nightly walks in Alhambra. The guitarist would improvise to the sound of the water source, tuned in si.

Currently I am working on the 5th moment, which is inspired by the Romería de San Cecilio, parting from Granada.

The last movement will be dedicated to my good friend Jorge Aguilera Esteban.

New year concert

Picture from our annual New Year concert in the theater of Nykøbing F.

We are performing Norwegian Wood, arranged by my colluege Casper and myself.

That was before Corona. We hope for a more normal year after our summer holidays.

24900040_10156121827039427_5344298175027381544_nAmbience from the Christmas concert in Kloster Kirken – Nykøbing F with students. All ages and levels performing together music by John Dowland.

José Uribe

Imagen 096Remembering my good friend José Uribe and our great trips around Denmark and Columbia with Coldane duo. Joining José and his family in a “hacienda” drinking Aguardiente and eating Josés speciality: Ajiaco. I will for sure miss him a lot!