Mille offers a combined conference/ concert in order to show “andalucism” and influence from flamenco on the spanish national composers like Manuel de Falla, Joaquin Rodrigo, Joaquin Turina and Isaac Albeniz ect. The conference is about culture of Andalucía, Al Andalus, gipsy culture, history and evolution of flamenco and how each composer has been inspired by popular elements in their music.

In the concert part Mille performs pieces named as flamenco stiles as: fandango, zapateado, malagueña, tarantos, garrotín, soleares, sevillanas, guajiras, tientos. It looks like a flamenco programme but all the pieces are composed by classical composers and you will here be able to listen to these influences.

The concert and conference can also be organized separately.

In a conference about flamencology typical themes will be: Origin of flamenco, cultures in Andalucía who influenced on flamenco, romantic writers and travellers, gipsy culture, bailes de candil, palos, metric and lyric, poetry and verse construction, café cantante and its personalities, peñas, tablaos and festivals, duende and flamenco guitar.