Andalucism in Music – Conference and concert

After living 15 years in Spain Mille specialized in the spanish national music and flamencogy.
These studies will now turn into a serie of combined ”concert – conference” that shows the influence from flamenco and popular elements in the spanish national composers.

The conference is very visual and afterwards the public can connect music with images.
It concerns flamenco history and evolution, the arabic heritage and Al Andalus, gipsy culture, the romantic travellers in the 19 century and the national spanish composers.

The guitar part looks like a flamenco programme with stiles like : fandangos, zapateado, tarantos, malagueña, soleares, garrotín, guajiras ect.
Although, the pieces are classical and composed by the national composers: Manuel de Falla, Joaquin Rodrigo, Isaac Albeniz, Emilio Pujol og Joaquin Turina. This concert will be performed from may 2015.

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